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on your mother's eyes... [entries|friends|calendar]

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6/2/25 - 4:21 pm]
I'm ranting...Collapse )

made by caffeinatedsoup
Such a corny thing, this I know. But corniness is derived from truth.
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5/14/25 - 10:04 pm]

mmm I just decided I'd like to know who actually reads my journal, haha
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10/4/05 - 3:05 pm]
I don't have time to update anymore, so goodbye everyone
hugs and kisses
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7/2/05 - 8:03 pm]
*All new rating communities
*All in need of new members

6/29/05 - 3:18 pm]
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6/27/05 - 5:51 pm]

Rating community.
First 13 members are auto-accepted.
Fairly short app.
Weekly themes and surveys.

6/3/05 - 5:11 pm]

5/18/05 - 4:06 pm]
I am now a Certified Nursing Assistant 1.
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5/11/05 - 7:10 pm]

please join guys, I need to earn some points for free stuff...
you can do the same if U join ;)
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5/8/05 - 4:13 pm]
Spent the night at Angie's so we didn't go to sleep until after 3am and woke up around 830 so I'm tired but I finished my HW yesterday afternoon which means I can nap today. ;)

I should study though. I'm worried about my exam tomorrow--I don't think it'll be one of those things I'm able to wing and miraculously do well on. I think that only works with public speaking for me.

I have a new purse...it's...preppy and so-not-me...but it has a zipper which I badly needed.
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Ok...I must depart and burn CD's now
bye bye all.

oh...random question...
Can dogs be racists?
My classmate said his dogs were and that all dogs were actually.
But I was watching "King of the Hill" and on there they said that the way a dog reacts to other people is a reflection of the owner's personal feelings...of course this IS a cartoon but it made sense, kinda.
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